Lemonade Day Alaska 2017


Sat, 06/10/2017 - 7:00am

- Saturday June 10th is Lemonade Day!

Run by UAA’s Center for Economic Development, and co-managed in Juneau by Southeast Conference, Lemonade Day Alaska is a fun, FREE program for kids 5-14. After signing up, participants will receive a workbook and mentor guide that will help them:

· Learn financial lessons
· Make a business plan
· Set goals
· Become an entrepreneur
· Open a stand on June 10th
· Achieve their Dreams!

On Saturday June 10th Lemonade Day Alaska participants will put their plans into action and open their own lemonade stand!

Learn more and register, please visit our website at Alaska.LemonadeDay.org.

If you see any Lemonade Day stands, please support Alaska's young entrepreneurs!

Lemonade Day Alaska Timeline – How to prepare for Lemonade Day 2017
Step One - Get Ready!
· Registration - Online or in person
· Pickup Backpack
Step Two - Planning & Preparation
· Work through workbook - Plan on it taking about 4 hours total or 20-30 minutes a day for a week
· Set Goals - Spending goals, saving goals, and learning goals
· Select your stand site
· Plan what you will sell
· How will you build your stand?
· Plan how you will advertise your stand
· Make a budget
· Find an investor
Step Three - Open Your Stand!
· Put your plan into action on June 10th and open your very own lemonade stand!
· Track your results and report them online
· Share part of your earnings as per your goal
· Reflect and make future plans



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Wherever you put your lemonade stand! Juneau, AK
United States
Phone: 907-786-0703