American Red Cross - Together, We Can Save a Life

Governed by volunteers and supported by community donations, your American Red Cross of Alaska is part of a nationwide network of nearly 800 locally supported chapters dedicated to saving lives and helping people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies.

Led by one million volunteers and 35,000 employees, this national network is the American Red Cross, which annually:

Mobilizes relief to families affected by nearly 70,000 disasters
Keeps U.S. military families connected worldwide
Trains more than 15 million people in the skills they need to prepare for and respond to emergencies in their homes, communities and world
Is the largest provider of blood and blood products, supplying more than 3,000 of the nation’s hospitals and Works with Red Cross partners around the globe to restore hope and dignity to the world’s most vulnerable people

The American Red Cross of Alaska serves the entire state of Alaska, and you can count on us to be there to help you in times of need. As a member of the local, national and international network of the Red Cross Movement, the American Red Cross of Alaska is committed to providing relief to victims of disasters and helping people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies.

The American Red Cross is a not-for-profit, non-governmental agency that succeeds in its humanitarian mission because of the generous support received from organizations and individuals like you who volunteer time, contribute money, and donate blood.

A Brief History of the American Red Cross of Alaska:

The American Red Cross has a long, rich history of providing vital, life-saving programs and services in the state of Alaska. In 1917, the Red Cross Delano Nursing Corps were the first public health nurses to work in the state, providing itinerant health services to the peoples of America’s most remote possession.

Ensuing years saw Red Cross responses to the devastating flu epidemic of the 1920’s, World War II, and Good Friday earthquake of 1964. In 1964, Governor William A. Egan designated the American Red Cross as the official relief agency to provide emergency assistance to Alaskans affected by disasters.

On July 1, 2003 the four existing Red Cross chapters operating in the state merged into a single, unified Red Cross chapter, forming the American Red Cross of Alaska. The result of our merger is a leaner, more streamlined organization with a stronger emphasis on providing essential Red Cross services and programs that reach Alaskans living in the most remote corners of our state.

The American Red Cross of Alaska has offices in the following locations: Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Kodiak, Wasilla, JBER, and Ft. Wainwright.


American Red Cross of Southeast Alaska - Service Center
3225 Hospital Dr, Ste 202 (office) & the 2nd Floor Conference Room (classes)
99801-7863 Juneau, AK
United States
58° 19' 50.88" N, 134° 28' 15.6" W


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